Ware Handling Devices and Orientator

We manufacture a full range of high quality bottle handling and orientation devices.


Our Products

At Pro-Sight Vision, we design and build high-quality ware handling solutions. With over 60 years of combined glass industry experience we create systems which are designed to perform!

Servo Orientator

  • User friendly high-speed Orientator with integrated bottle separation
  • Upstream and downstream line control
  • Automatic belt speed tracking
  • Up to 365 bpm
  • Mobile – Can be moved from line to line


  • Enables Base Inspection and / or Base Mould Number Reading
  • Optional bolt on bypass removes the need for a break in your conveyor

Star Wheel Separator

  • Reversible wheel for left or right hand operation
  • With or without control panel
  • Direct drive
  • Two can be used as a synchronised pair

Dual Disc Star Wheel

  • Both wheels height adjustable
  • Increased stability for tall bottles
  • Reversible wheels for left or right hand operation
  • With or without control panel
  • Direct drive

Scroll Separator

  • Heavy Duty Drive
  • Robust Gearbox
  • Precise Spacing
  • Range of Diameters

Quad Belt Separator

  • For parallel or tapered bottles
  • Top and bottom belts can be set independently
  • Range of diameters

Separator Control Panel

  • Suitable for use with all Pro-Sight separators
  • Variable speed control
  • PLC controlled
  • Up and downstream line control

Reject Station

  • Air Blow-Off Option
  • Cylinder Push-Off Option
  • Quick and Easy Fixing to Your Conveyor
  • 24Vdc or 110Vac Valve Options
  • Simple 3 Axis Adjustment
  • Solid Design

Robot Palletiser

  • Collaborative robot
  • Guarding not required
  • Can work alongside your personnel
  • Full range of bottle heights and diameters

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