60 years of combined glass industry experience

Pro-Sight is a UK-based designer and manufacturer of inspection machines and glass container handling equipment.

Our small, flexible and mobile glass inspection machines provide innovative solutions for bottle manufacturers who require the ultimate confidence that their containers are defect-free. Our product offering is supplemented by a range of cold end ware handling systems, engineered to offer the quality and consistency you require.

Offline QA & Testing Equipment

Sink & Bulge

Label panel inspection, plus additional dimensional checks

  • Multiple panel function for multiple label inspection
  • Configurable defect tolerances by area/coverage or depth

Additional Functionality:

  • Ovality
  • Verticality
  • Bent Neck
  • Sloping Top
  • Height

Universal Finish Inspector

Comprehensive inspection of the finish, including:

  • E, T, L, F, N, S and H dimensions
  • Tuck under angle
  • Tuck under radius
  • Guide plate seam inspections

Tuck Under Measurement System

Precise measurement of the tuck under angle and radius

  • 120 images taken per bottle
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Stepper motor driven rotation
  • Fast and user-friendly operation – 9 seconds per bottle

Pressure Tester

Standalone system for testing the internal pressure capability of bottles to Glass Industry standards

  • Pro-Sight, simple & reliable pressure generation
  • Test up to 50 bar (5,000 kPa)
  • Single and dual channel versions
  • 24V dc electrics
  • ‘Actual Pressure’ & ‘60-Second Pressure’ values displayed
  • Stainless steel construction, pipework & valves
  • Exportable results

Vertical Load Tester

Standalone system for measuring the structural integrity of bottles to Glass Industry standards

  • Independent, stand-alone system (not linked to a Pressure Tester)
  • Quick bottle load & set-up
  • Self-levelling load platen (for un-even finishes)
  • Containment canisters for increased control of cullet during testing
  • Exportable results

Online Cold-End Inspection Machines

Dimensional Gauging Machine

Automatic sampling machine for 30+ dimensional checks, such as:

  • Sink & Bulge
  • Ovality
  • Verticality
  • Bent Neck
  • Sloping Top
  • Guide Plate Seam Defect Check:
    • Knock-out
    • Flange finish
  • Sloping Top
  • Rocky Bottom
  • Dropped Punt
  • Diameters
  • Finish Dimensions
  • Major & Minor Axis’
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Capacity
  • Internal Bore
  • Thickness

4 x Camera Finish Inspector

  • Sealing Surface Inspection
  • Finish Inspection
  • Mobile – can be moved from line to line
  • Non-contact – no need to rotate the bottle


  • User friendly high-speed Orientator with integrated bottle separation
  • Upstream and downstream line control
  • Automatic belt speed tracking
  • Up to 365 BPM
  • Mobile – can be moved from line to line

Non-Rotating DOT Code Reader

Contactless reading of the DOT code

  • No contact with the bottle
  • High speed
  • Small footprint
  • Easily installed anywhere on the production line
  • Can reject by mould number

Base Code Reader

Mould number rejection by reading alphanumeric code on the base of the container

  • Available with carryover or with your own
  • User Friendly set-up
  • Up to 300 BPM

Pro-Sight 4V

  • 4 x Camera Inspection System
  • Base Defect Inspection
  • Base Stress Inspection
  • Sealing Surface Inspection
  • Base Mould Number Reading
  • User Friendly Set-Up
  • Speeds to 300 BPM
  • Includes Separator, Carryover & Reject

Reject Devices

Multi-Finger Reject with Reject Conveyor

Cascading diverter for high-stability, high-speed removal of containers to retain rejects

  • 8, 10 and 12 finger variants
  • Automatic, dynamic timing in line with your conveyor speeds
  • Enables accumulation and holding of rejected bottles for manual inspection
  • Auto sensing and release when conveyor reaches maximum capacity
  • Available as separate components
  • Custom sized conveyor lengths to suit your requirements

Reject Station

  • Blow-off or push off versions
  • Solid, stainless-steel mounting plate
  • Versatile adjustment
  • Suitable for high-speed lines

Ware Handling Systems

Quad Belt Separator

  • For parallel or tapered bottles
  • Top and bottom belts can be set independently
  • Suits a range of diameters

Star Wheel Separator

  • Single or synchronised systems
  • Reversible wheel for left or right hand operation
  • With or without control panel
  • Direct drive
  • Two can be used as a synchronised pair

Scroll Separator

  • Heavy duty drive
  • Robust gearbox
  • Precise spacing
  • Range of diameters

Efficiency Monitoring

Efficiency Monitoring

Monitor Production Efficiency and Output, by Line and Point of Reject, in real-time, 24/7, from a mobile device.

  • Every Bottle Tracked – Shear Cut to Palletiser
  • IS Machine Downtime Monitoring – By Section
  • Know your Hot End Hood and Transfer Losses
  • Counts the Bottles into the Lehr
  • Counts where every bottle is lost through the Cold End
  • Option to Count Bottles Packed by Mould Number

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